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payable pay‧a‧ble [ˈpeɪəbl] adjective [not before a noun]
1. ACCOUNTING a bill, debt etc that is payable must be paid, often by a certain date:

• Shareholders will receive a final dividend of 0.75p, payable on July 1.

• Sanders' donation was $450,000, payable over three years.

2. accounts payable ACCOUNTING money that a company owes; = Creditors Bre:

• The company's liabilities include accounts payable totaling $29.1 million.

3. dividends payable ACCOUNTING FINANCE a figure included in a company's accounts showing the amount that has been or will be paid in dividends for a particular period of time:

• Surprisingly, the profit and loss account reveals in the latest year that dividends payable were greater than profits for the year.

4. note payable ACCOUNTING a note relating to money that a company owes:

• Proceeds from the share offering will be used to repay a portion of the company's current notes payable.

— see also bills payable bill of exchange
5. payable to somebody BANKING a cheque that is payable to someone has that person's name written on it and must be paid only to them:

• Send a postal order or cheque for £2.50 made payable to Dent & Reuss Ltd.

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payable UK US /ˈpeɪəbl/ adjective [after verb]
FINANCE used for saying how or when an amount of money should be paid: »

The fees are payable monthly.

payable in sth »

The debt is payable in one lump sum or by instalments.

payable on January 1st/22nd May, etc. »

The final dividend will be 1.15p, payable on August 29.


Payment by check of cash dividends will ordinarily be mailed within three business days after the payable date.

BANKING if a cheque is payable to a person or an organization, the money will be paid to them because their name is written on it: »

Please make your cheque payable to Oxford Ecobuild.

payable on demand — Cf. payable on demand
payable to bearer — Cf. payable to bearer
payable to order — Cf. payable to order
See also ACCOUNTS PAYABLE(Cf. ↑accounts payable), BILLS PAYABLE(Cf. ↑bills payable), DIVIDENDS PAYABLE(Cf. ↑dividends payable), NOTE PAYABLE(Cf. ↑note payable)

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